Tia Yoon (Fine Arts)

Beings is a year-long project that starts from immersive installation performance working with and directing 8 performers. Through the process and rehearsals, it gradually expands into and interwoven with video, fashion, sound, and sculpture. It is a study of approaching the concept of posthumanism as reclamation of alienation in relation to biopolitics. It is a live form of biopolitical resistance waving a web of intersectionality of gender, sexuality, race, class, and spice. The immersive performance sees participants in duo and single groups engage in repetitive sculptural and interactive performances as well as movements with the audience. The three performance languages explore concepts and emotions such as transgender and race issues, queer sexuality, and power relationship in both the political and sexual context through dominance and submission, as well as the limitation of the bodies and different layers of communication. In blurring the boundaries between performance and moving image, Surrealism and realism, this work creates a togetherness that unties itself through the rebellion of humanity.

Performers: Alba Boustanji, Barbara Morkane, Dorothy Kakos, Emma Van Herk, Liliana Aise Manuputty, Lio, Luca Fynn, Matthew Wj, Yi Tu 

Sculptor: Agathe Dupire & Hagen

Makeup Artist: Pryo Muse 

Special thanks to: Chenny Ye, Joris Angenent, Ju-An Hsieh, Pedro Kastelijns and Yumu Liu