Born from Sea and Cloud (excerpt)

Danielle Alhasid (Fine Arts)

Born from Sea and Cloud is inspired by the city Tel Aviv, which is often referred to as the White City and that has often whitewashed its narrative. The city is celebrated for its white Bauhaus architecture, and is marketed as THE European City in the Middle East, while its reality is much more complex in every sense of the word. The shifting images in the video capture the experience of walking in a city, bringing to life pieces marginalized from the collective memory. Impressions and maps of the old city appear and take over, only to be overcome and washed away. The work focuses on the beauty found in the discarded parts and encourages the viewers to enjoy their presence and mourn their passing.

Opening segment: Sharon Rotbard, Ir Levanah, Ir Sheḥorah [Black City White City], p. 15. Tel Aviv: Babel, 2005, translated from Hebrew by Danielle Alhasid.