Surface ; Deepness ; BA 13

Thomas Viers and Mathias Vincent (Architectural Design)

In itself, colour does not exist. The colour exists only thanks to the light – therefore, the colour of a material only from its surface, that welcomes the light. In the built environment, surfaces surround us. The wall, a basic architectural element, separating, creating obstructions, receiving a light, displaying a colour in a space. Even though we perceive a space only through its surfaces, its appearance, architecture has a thickness. In an interior colour can be seen in three axes. Trying to make real the absurd idea of the ‘inner colour’, trying to make operate together the notions of thickness and colour, is a way to address the precious links that exist between the rational occupation of a space and the metaphysical experience that lies behind it.

In collaboration with Simon Chaouat & Niveau Zéro Atelier