Mingrui Jiang

designLAB / Video, performance and sculpture

They are from an abandoned public toilet,
damp, dim,
where hundreds of dark-brown slugs are stuck to the wall,
to toilet seats, and sinks.
I enter a cubicle and sit on the toilet to take a shit.
I see them, they see me.
We share 70% of our bodies.
We become the remaining 30%.

The difference between the DNA of humans and that of other life forms is smaller than we think. 70% explores and reflects on the experience of alienation. As beings, our existences are encased in, and manifested by, our bodies. Without externalising our inner worlds we cannot interact with the bigger world as our true, ‘naked’ selves. For protection, we use mental armour such as fantasy, which allows us to bridge that alienating distance by helping us to find our own world in a bigger world. 70% investigates the potential of a new life form at a time when the social distance between people is increasing, along with our sense of alienation.