Calls Overboard

Walking Club

Various departments

Maria Antonakaki, Marina van der Lecq, Sara Pezzolesi, Redouan Rahmoun

Calls Overboard – Offshore Refractions

Installation (flags), cards/poster, webpage


Calls Overboard – Offshore Refractions is a series of flags that serve as an expansion to the existing International Code of Signals (ICS): a standard set of flags used for communication among sea vessels. Imagine the sea/coast relationship as a metaphor for human and non-human bodies. What signals do they emit? 


Calls Overboard – Offshore Refractions transponds signals from the human body position, echoing to coasts, to oceans, to islands and to all human and non-human entities within the vast archipelago that is the world today. These messages take as inspiration the contradictory and rather conflictual notions that shape our understanding and imagining of both islands and the ocean.


The project stems from Walking Club Rietveld’s [I]sland [D]rift, a collective study on foot, looking into islands both as physical entities and as symbolic manifestations of our fluid relationships with each other and the world. The study exists in the framework of Studium Generale Rietveld 2022. Supervised by Nikos Doulos.