Under this sky the lightening does not thunder

Sofia Fernandez Blanco


Single-channel HD video projection and various objects

While we now know that time and space are relative, we still perceive them through the modernist idea of linear temporality and (Western) geometric cartography. This way of understanding the world presupposes that a moment and a place can stand still, denying the ever-changing, intertwined and fluid nature of reality. This limits how we relate to events, beings and lands. If, instead, we see space and time as a topology, as relationships that are always unfolding and subject to unpredictable shifts, then infinite un-doings and re-configurations are possible. Under this sky the lightning does not thunder traces the entanglements between two seemingly distant places, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina/Chile) and the Netherlands,contesting constructed narratives and blurring the lines between past and present, documentary and fiction, ‘here’ and ‘there’.