How do birds find their way home?

Yara Said in collaboration with students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Performance and mixed media installation


Today I fell off my bed

I woke up and the ground beneath my body was shaking

or so I dreamt

I looked to the left and I looked to the right

For the first time in months the sun was bright

No more grey mornings 

Sadness belongs to the night

I searched for my brothers and sisters but they were gone

There is no time for thinking the body must move on


This journey that I am about take will be challenging 

but it comforts me that you will be by my side.


Departing from the inner navigational system of birds and their way of using landmarks and an inner magnetic compass to find their way between two location points, the performance invites the audience to join a journey through the Stedelijk Museum building. Audience members are invited to participate in several acts, led by a collective of artists from the Rietveld Academie. For interdisciplinary artist Yara Said, her community is her strongest navigational system. The question at hand is not solely how birds find their way back home during migration, but how do they find their way back into their day-to-day life?


Concept and direction: Yara Said

Choreography: Emirhakin

Styling and wearables: Avoidstreet

Video and photo documentation: Giovanni Salice and Nichi Baratto 

Sound design: Noise Diva

Production assistant: Jana Assaad

Drone: Jort van der Laan

Performers: Seon Cha, Sara Darle Olsson, Stefi R Morariu, Juli Jaworski, Simon Gasser, Andrea Otoya Covelli, Emma Leu, Yunji Song, Louise Fangille, Wenzhu Song, Nelli Molfenter, Dana Haire, Suhaila Abu Hadba Mounayer, Karina Kalantajevska, Sebastian Eisenach, shipo chou, dariya, Giada La Gala