Re-arrangement of Priorities #14 (Refuge)

Rainbow Soulclub with students Lou Elie Dit Cosaque, Eirini Kakopierou, Kateryna Lymar, Ekaterina Marchenko and Amin Mohammadaliei

Floor pieces (cotton, wool and mixed media) and memorial kite (mixed media on paper)

At the Rainbow Group, (De Regenboog Groep) an aid organization for the homeless and hard drug users in Amsterdam, artists work together with clients of the Blaka Watra drop-in centre (inloophuis). Together they form the Rainbow Soulclub. The collaboration not only leads to enjoyment and interest in each other’s lives, but also to solidarity. Where necessary, members help each other. The works created, both content-wise and materially, could not exist without the cooperation of different individuals. The members of the collective take ‘refuge’ in collective making, the exchange of ideas and mutual solidarity.


For Rietveld Uncut, Rainbow Soulclub collaborated with students on textile floor pieces, which will function as meeting points, and a paper memorial kite in tribute to the collective’s deceased members. 


The floor pieces will be activated at irregular times during the exhibition and on Friday night, 24 March during Meet the Masters in the Auditorium.