To be continued in another place

Karl Gotter, Maja Wachowska, Stella Kummer, Cameron Howie, Anna Fleuri

Fine Arts, DesignLab, UvA

Mixed media installation

What if we approach the border as a corporeal being that moves and sleeps like us? What happens in a world where the nation state dissolves and becomes a state of mind? These questions led us to write the speculative science-fiction story Un/bound in which we investigate our relation to ourselves and others in such a world.

In our installation To be continued in another place we try to deepen an understanding of collectivity without using the notion of the nation. We use the body as a starting point to imagine a different sense of belonging. Connecting the individual and the collective, the closed and the intimate, the solid and the vulnerable: The sculpture is a place to find comfort in instability by showing how this new collectivity could feel. A new experience of collectivity, whereby humans are open to and interwoven with each other, the land, and everything else, resulting in multiple ecologies of belonging.


Special thanks to the Art and Research programme.