What do you have in your pocket, Heinekenplein?

Danute Līva

Architectural Design

Silkcreen & paint on canvas, wood, plaster, found material

Come with me to Heinekenplein! Into the dark, which could be a camera obscura without any effort, with slot machines and the aroma of kebabs.

Heinekenplein is a room in a bar located on Urk, an extraordinary fishing village in the Netherlands that used to be an island. The bars on Urk have a dream-like frequency. It all starts from the moment you enter, due to the fact that it’s impossible to see the outer world. While you’re here, this is the only reality, a reality filled with numerous material evidences that often carry the meaning of Urk’s past. Anyway, it will be hard to see them due to the crazy performance of the vivid lights.

All of these objects form something bigger together: a place where Urkers feel comfortable getting intoxicated and embracing the nonsense that alcohol brings to their minds and bodies. What does it have that a couch in the living room or a gathering in the forest doesn’t? What is the superpower of Heinekenplein?