Catherine Zixin Hu & Chaemin Hwang

Graphic Design 


Medium: logfish


Throughout their lifecycle, fish navigate through many different maritime borders, cultural significances, names, and other human restrictions and perceptions. However, from their own perspective, they remain whole beings, undivided by the disparate identities placed upon them, simply navigating an unbroken ocean. The book is the result of a dialogue questioning the authors multinational backgrounds, gathered in a collective document. It’s an exchange of stories, thoughts and notes, united in the form of log entries to create a living record. Like the logfish, it navigates through different memories of our multicultural identities. 


*The logfish (Transiens iniuriarum) is an elusive species of silver-backed fish that can be found at several depth points in all the major oceans. It can grow up to 3 metres long, and over 50 centimetres in circumference. The logfish is migratory and has been observed crossing through multiple regions and habitats throughout its lifecycle, making adaptations where necessary. The most fascinating and confounding of these adaptations is its ability to record memories through etchings on its bones. The logfish’s spine is made of a silvery, metallic material, and forms a centre from which the bones extend. These bones are of varying lengths and thicknesses, and are etched with memories, stories, fears and hopes gathered throughout its journey. They persist long after the logfish’s death, perhaps serving as a guide for the next generation to hatch from its eggs…


Big thanks to the Metal Workshop and Bookbinding Department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, and to Tomas and Tarja for checking in on us weekly.