Alterum Mare Mundum (other sea world)

Marlies Neugebauer


Mixed media 

Think of a part of the world where no one has ever been; no human, no camera, no light, no air.

 With the rapid development in technology, we will not only be able to visit planets beyond the moon, but quite possibly we can soon enter the deepest part of the ocean; the Mariana Trench (11.034 meters).

 In 1998 researchers found a plastic bag on the bottom of this trench. Our waste has travelled far ahead of us. Imagine the life forms that live in this deep, cold and dark place. Are they already accustomed to our rubbish? Worms, corals, sea anemones, jellyfish; with their enormous adaptability and survival skills, they have maybe even adapted to it. Their appearance is otherworldly, yet so familiar.