Interpolation, The Green Ray 2.0

Morgane Billuart (VAV – moving image)

In 2001, Tacita Dean travelled to Madagascar searching for the last ray of the dying sun, the "Green Ray". On this journey, the artist quested for faith and beliefs, seeking something that she has never seen. Dean immortalizes the moment of finding it on 16mm film. This analogue process becomes the testimony of phenomena’s existence that the digital camera cannot retrace. What if the metaphor of the Green Ray isn’t about finding proofs, but speculating on alternative realities and events? How can digital technologies, through interpolation, create information from a lack or absence and then conceive moments that do not initially exist? How do digital images and technologies invite us to places that can occur beyond our imagination? Towards artificial destinations that only belong to the realm of beliefs and delusive spaces?

Thanks to Liz Deschenes, Zach Hart and Danny Polonsky