Staging Architecture

Architectural Design (department)

Staging Architecture focuses on how the theatrical representation and the use of a fictional script can be tools for the design process. The starting reference is Tommaso Campanella’s The City of the Sun, an early utopian work written in 1602. The book, based mainly on the description of the fictional City of the Sun, was written during Campanella’s imprisonment, accused of leading a conspiracy against the Spanish rule, with the aim of establishing a society based on the community of goods. From this example, the students, divided into 7 groups, develop their own fictional stories and transport them into 7 scenographies. Each scenography is realised starting from a vertical wooden panel and its structure that the students are free to modify.

Participants: Anna Bekritskaya, Ravi Blits, Sangiorgio Blonk, Laëtitia Delauney, Naomi Feigelson, Layla Gijsen, Rebecka Hultman, Seungji Jo, Uri Meir, Aurélia Noudelmann, Lente Oosterhuis, Lotta Stolberg, Florine Trouwen, Alex Zeta

Supervised by Parasite 2.0 (Stefano Colombo, Eugenio Cosentino, Luca Marullo)