Missing Link

Dimme van Harten

Jewellery – Linking Bodies / Video

Encouraged by a special encounter between myself and an animal, my research into the “humanimal” began. This is a performative exploration reflecting on the place of animals and humans in their changing relationships throughout time.  The research spans from topics like the cohabitation of different human species, the prehuman, the posthuman, to domestication and the numerous animal watching webcams found in zoos and online. Missing Link reflects on the intimacy between the species and how it can be expressed through movement here and now. 

Second performer: Luan Barros
Third performer: Toto Stoffels
Music: Logan Muamba and Daniils Masterovs

Thanks to:
Lyon Pol, Simon Pillaud, ROZEPAARS, Rixta van der Molen, Tisean Breeveld, Arie de Feijter, Oskar Frere-Smith, Jing He, Merijn Bolink, Jeroen Vermandere, Zeke Isendahl, Jorge Herrero