B, The Hundred

Captain Aurelia Noudelmann & Laetitia Delauney


B, The Hundred

Upcycled plastic beer barrels, underlayment wood, metal, metal paint

 The construction of sailboats and their use is historically male-dominated and comes with a long and ongoing sexist tradition: for centuries, women were synonymous with bad luck onboard. However, having a feminine figurehead on the bow was not an issue. Nowadays, if they are no longer considered as scourges, women still have difficulty finding a place onboard. Our process was deeply rooted with the will to initiate a more inclusive practice to twist this convention: B, The Hundred is a sailboat built by two captain mermaids, from April to July 2021. The construction of B, the Hundred was driven by two main concepts that boats embody: the tension between shifting and hosting individuals, and their interdependence with water. B, the Hundred is now a platform to host events and workshops, on water and on land.


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B, the Hundred was built at Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof, Amsterdam.