boca de ballena // whale mouth

Mara-Luna Brandt Corstius

Image and Language


During the course of a week, the work boca de ballena // whale mouth was recorded in and around Boca De Ballena, a cave set in the Serra Gelada mountain in Spain. The recordings are part of an ongoing investigation of deep listening to water. β€œThe mouth operates as a space that gives form to voice, to sound. A fleshy wet lining around each syllable.”* Sound travels on, outside of its source, echoing through the water of other bodies. In this intimate sharing, sound expands through time and association. From one body to another – in fluid exchange – all beings and becomings share a watery archive of sound that, through listening, forms an experience of time in motion. What do we hear when we listen to the murmurings of time? How do these memories enter our body?

*from Lexicon of The Mouth, Brandon LaBelle