Reflect Afloat (an exercise in water management)

The Large Glass (department)

Jack van Leeuwen, Paulina Koeleman, Jesse Andriesse, Anastasia Zinner, Yeha Kim, Ivalu Antoni Carlsen, Ida Cecilie Marie Meldgaard Fisker, Eve Boontje, Wen Duan, Ella de Haas, Sojourna Jon-Paul, Clara Fiegl, Lise Teeuw, Laura Rohtla.

Tutor: Jason Hendrik Hansma

Mirrored glass, dyed second hand towels, thread, water residue.

The Large Glass Department presents a collection of mirrored glass works situated on repurposed toweling. The final work comes from a series of workshops, lessons, and collaborations. The works mirror each other’s surfaces, in turn layering multiple surfaces onto one and other, creating complicated liquid forms of collectivity. In the mirroring process, water exposed to the moon over the course of the year was utilized, moments of tides, of ebbs and flows now reflected onto each other and now you, the viewer. Grounded on toweling the surface absorbs, swaddles, and brings us back to the body, that leaky messy thing, that liquid filled structure held back but only the thinnest of surfaces.