Now that we have set ashore here, from what waters did we come

VAV – moving image (department)


Thursday March 24

 13.00 - 16.00 at Schiphol Foyer

Sasha Anguelovskaia, Miray van der Bend, Siebe ten Dam, Tunde Dawkins, Dawid Dobosz, Romaine Gijsberti Hodenpijl, Katarina Holzmann Ekholm, Vasilisa Ikryannikova, Toni Kritzer, Izzy Lee, Daniils Masterovs, Dorian Milovic, Logan Muamba Ndanou, Pieke Pleijers, Inez Reintjes, Millie van Rijckevorsel, Bea Sanchez de Lamadrid Bayon, Yael Schuster, Jale Sezgin, Anna Sieberns, Hanna Zorandy

What are your own memories about the seaside? What stories of others struck you? What stories need to be told on? Through a series of ‘Tableaux vivant’ a group of traveler’s dives into the shared narratives of the sea that we carry within us. Through a variety of storytelling, they explore oral, physical & visual stories about the sea and its shore and aim to lay bare a glimpse of untold stories of those who are not here to share theirs. We might invite you to share yours...

Guided by Mariken Overdijk