Shreya de Souza (Photography)

Queerness shows us parallel worlds. 

 It is a tool for multifaceted and deeper understanding of societies and communities. When the ‘normal’ is confronted with the ‘queer’, it can be used to confront oneself with the narratives that have space and those that are conveniently kept out of view. To use Queerness, is to carve space for representation of those that are objectified, exoticized, othered, silenced, used, and abused. Here in this space provides a means to comment on how the systems of abuse and the systems that contain our lives intertwine and feed into each other. Otherness is not negative, or black and white, or that which is rejected, but forming a part of the norm and existing in the same high, loud, visibility as the dominant. Its existence defined not by what is dominant, but in spite of it.