Reconciled 2 Crimson Lake

Ljubomir Popovic (Fine Arts)

From a series of painting made 2018-2020

Flecks and blurriness as decontextualised landscapes, tantamount to dimensions of an introspective journey. Capturing the first gestures of a punctured aerosol can, in a split second the pigments bursts out, leaving out the traces of colour explosions. Collected on small format MDFs, the coloured tiles in it's sphere of abstraction are placed as a contemplation of power relations that meander each other. The centre of interest is in the embodiment and the inquiry of colour equally vibrating with it's structures. Finding a calm from our past social structures and daily ambiguities by dealing with the impact of colours as a self therapeutic process. The paintings become a sanctuary from the affects of childhood traumas, where the colours and it's structures has an importance to be within.