Liquid Morphing

Mie Rygh Reianes

Fine Art

Sculptural installation: glass, wax, glazed ceramics, recycled paper, tape, welded metal structure

I have established a symbiotic relationship with a creature, and we are currently undergoing a common metamorphosis. I have taken the form of a host – a carrier for the creature’s existence and transformation. The creature morphs and grows limbs, seeking to get close in a unit of security and protection. At the end of its transformation, it liquifies into transparency, taking a bodily form that expands, bleeds and claims the space surrounding it. I facilitate its growth, and in return I follow. I would like to establish a term which encompasses our thoughts: liquid morphing. Liquid morphing is to undergo a process of transformation that does not rest in a gradual alteration of defined forms. In this process, the act of morphing opens up to undefined territories in which the idea of self or self-representation is lucid. By unpacking these undefined figures, it is apparent that existing in a transitional space is an act of tenderness and liberation.