Mutual Weight

Pieke Pleijers

VAV - moving image


Life begins and ends with being carried. It is a great physical good that you can offer to another. However, there is also a limit to the weight you can carry as an individual.

In this performance, 30 people form pairs to take turns carrying each other. When one is no longer able to carry their partner, the other takes over. They continue to switch until both can carry no longer.

I want to focus on how individuals form a collective that is able to accommodate others, as a radical act of inclusion that connects bodies and provides shelter.


Performers: Dominique De Martiis and Agathe Lemaitre, Max Jonker and Chaja van Kollem, Tabor Idema and Max van Westerop, Siri Tvorup Pedersen and Elsa Rubio, Amar Delplanque-Maxwell and Eliot Busca, Tunde Dawkins and Thijs van de Loo, Yara Piekema and Liam Pleijers, Melchior Koch and Jay Chia Henareh, Karlo Štefanek and Sara Frances Tompkins, Sam Zanardo and Thalia Livingstone, Shushu Sieberns and Vasilisa Ikryannikova, Gabriel de Oliveira and Minh Thang, Jakub Mikołaj Dragun & Bence Ungvári, Anka Loladze and Axelle Maillet, Chloe Moretti and Romaine Gijsberti Hodenpijl, Charlotte Dijkgraaf and Guillaume Lamour 


Sound design: Timon Persoon


Special thanks to Mark Farrell, and all performers involved.