Switch Code Switch

Carl-Johan Paulsen



Performance + sculptural element

Code-switching refers to the common act of switching certain aspects of behaviour, such as speech, dress and movement, to conform to certain societal norms – such as passing as heterosexual or cis-gendered. We unconsciously acquire and learn different codes/technologies of body algorithms that allow our bodies to fit into certain spaces from a very young age. As we grow older and possibly feel discomfort or dishonesty in performing these regulated versions of ourselves, we start looking for ways to recompose our identities and seek spaces that allow for new explorations.

In this performance I invite bodies/performers/people to collectively re-code ourselves and seek out new – as well as ancient – technologies of being in our bodies; by looking for ways to choreograph live, obtaining postures from the audience and assembling a pattern of movement by constantly switching our bodies.

SWITCH CODE SWITCH was created over time in conversation with the performers MARTA CRESPO, ANLLEL MARIA, NANA LONGO NSAME, YOOHA GUILLAUME and LAMOUR.

Thank you FREJA NØHR KRISTIANSEN and LOU ELIE DIT COSAQUE for our collaborative research on code switching in relation to textiles and for designing and producing the fabric used for the clothes.